No matter which social media platform one uses for content creation and influencing, even if their content and the quality is soaring high there is still another parameter used to measure their recognition and success on the platform. Even if they do it for their passion and not the results this is something that they can still not help but look over time and again.


Followers. Are you also one of those who constantly keep checking their phone to see if there is any increase or decrease in the followers? Do you also find yourself constantly worried over why you aren’t able to get a better following? Does it also bother when your followers don’t stick around? Then keep on reading further.

Here are possibly a few good reasons why your followers don’t stick around-

1. Consistency-

You may be posting quality work but one of the reasons why followers get bored and leave is because they do not see consistent work being posted on the feed which is a major red flag. Especially if you’d like them to stick around, not posting consistently is not a road you want to go down on. You got the followers, now it has to be on you to find ways to make them stick around and consistency comes on top.

2. Copied/Fake content-

One of the other reasons can also be that you mostly only work on trends and use ideas that are often posted by other content creators. While it’s alright to take inspiration from them, it is also necessary to take a unique road and create content that aligns with your passion, not just something that the world is following. People follow you to see what you do differently. Sometimes a few posts of yours could unintentionally also appear to be fake or unauthentic because of the same reason which could drive the followers away.

3. Unorganised work-

One of the other reasons why you keep losing followers can also be because your feed is all over the place. The feed is unorganised, messy and inconsistent. This ends up taking away the drive that should appeal to the audience. Stick to your niche, theme and quality and make sure to keep improving on the same.

4. No engagement/wrong engagement-

Another reason could be that either you’re not engaging with your audience and followers at all, such as not responding, replying or acknowledging them or if not that, then you could be taking a wrong road while engaging in a way that can come across as as being demeaning, or taking offence on every comment or criticism, or disregarding their appeals. This drives away the audience and makes them unfollow you right there.

Getting followers is never an easy task however the motive should not just be to gain new followers, it should also be to keep the old ones stick to your profile and keep them entertained. Make sure to not take them for granted as hitting an unfollow button does not take more than a split second. Do the best through your platform and use it to the best of your efficiency.

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