Pinterest is experimenting with several methods to incorporate Shuffles collage material, starting with commerce. The collage-making software Shuffles from Pinterest was made available to the general public in November. Now, the business is evaluating the integration of Shuffles’ shopping features with Pinterest.

Shuffles will now be able to perform all of the same shopping functions as ordinary pins. Users will be able to tap on individual collage cuts to view brand, price, and other product details as well as comparable items to purchase.

According to Pinterest, Shuffles provide an interactive element to product exploration that makes it more enjoyable. According to the organisation, Gen-Z is gathering up-to-date, pertinent content, which is swiftly creating a marketplace of fashionable, shoppable ideas. According to Pinterest, Shuffles’ high-density design, which might feature layers of product cutouts from different Pins, enables users to delve deeper and connect to other Shuffles that contain the same Pins.

“Pinterest makes online shopping feel natural and fun because it’s a core experience on the platform,” said Pinterest CEO Bill Ready in a statement. “As we continue to make it easier to shop what you see on Pinterest, we’re offering fresh new ways for consumers to browse, curate and discover products perfectly tailored to their taste.”

The “Pinterest Premiere Spotlight” function, which prominently displays a brand on search, is another new takeover tool that Pinterest is investigating for advertisers. According to the firm, the function is made to give advertisers a new option to connect with Pinterest users.

According to the firm, 97% of popular Pinterest searches are unbranded, indicating that most users don’t include a brand name while conducting a search on the platform. According to Pinterest, this offers businesses the chance to be found as they guide customers from discovery to decision to purchase. The business intends to provide more options to help brands engage with customers in the upcoming months.

The platform’s Catalogs feature, which enables businesses to upload their entire catalogue and convert their products into dynamic Product Pins, also received some new statistics from Pinterest. According to the business, there has been a 66% rise in retailers opening up shop on its platform by uploading or integrating their digital catalogues, and there has been a 70% increase in active shopping feeds worldwide year over year.

The number of monthly active users on Pinterest’s platform has increased by 4% year over year to 450 million, according to the company’s most recent earnings report. During the past few years, Pinterest has concentrated on improving the buying experience on its platform. On its earnings call, the company stated that it intends to make every pin shoppable, including videos.

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