The Creator Fund for underrepresented groups at Pinterest will now be available in five more nations, including Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France, the company announced today. The business launched its $500,000 Creator Fund in 2021 and announced last year that it would be receiving an additional $1.2 million. In an email to TechCrunch, Pinterest disclosed that it had committed a total of more than $2.3 million in grants and ad credits for this particular programme.

The fund focuses especially on providing financial and educational tools to creators from underrepresented communities.

Since its start, the fund, according to Pinterest, has supported dozens of Creators from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. They have gotten training and advice from industry professionals, individualised advising, financial help in the form of cash and advertising credits, and more.

“Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, and inspiration is fueled by diversity of experiences, perspectives and communities,” said Zeny Shifferaw, the Creator Inclusion Lead at Pinterest, in a statement. “Expanding this program will unlock more opportunities for disproportionately underrepresented creators and content producers to gain financial support, exposure, resources and reach new audiences looking to be inspired by their passions on our platform.”

Pinterest stated last fall that it would contribute $20 million to Creator Rewards in the United States, which would pay creators directly for taking part in “challenges,” after introducing its Creator Fund in April 2021. The programme was then discontinued by the corporation in November.

The expansion occurs at a time when many businesses are reevaluating and adjusting their creative programmes. However, Meta just announced that it was suspending its Reels bonuses to authors on Facebook and Instagram. Meta had previously promised $1 billion to creator bonus programmes.

Additionally, TikTok just debuted the beta edition of the “Creativity Program,” a redesigned creator fund. According to the company, the programme is made to increase revenue and give creators access to more options. The initial TikTok fund, which was founded in 2020 with a $1 billion commitment over three years, has come under fire from creators who have griped about the fund’s meagre rewards.


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