Momentum Commerce, an e-commerce facilitator, has become a Malaysian TikTok store partner. The business started with a statement that it hopes to assist Malaysian marketers in capitalizing on the app’s high user growth.

The TikTok Shop feature’s distinctiveness, according to Momentum Commerce CEO Hans-Peter Ressel (photo), is its shoppertainment offering, which houses the whole consumer journey within the app. “TikTok’s hyper-relevant and personalized content based on users’ preferences and interests offers commerce that entertains, stimulating brand discovery and action.”

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“We first tested the waters with a limited selection of our brands. As consumer interest soon grew, we gathered huge GMV for our brands in a single Livestream, eventually reinforcing their dominance in the market,” said Ressel.

The global eCommerce facilitator announced the agreement earlier this month, introducing their product alongside NIVEA, Eucerin, Wardah, and Al-Ikhsan Sports. Wardah claimed that since partnering with Momentum Commerce, the Indonesian beauty and skincare behemoth, it has seen significant success on the platform, with a 36X increase in followers in 30 days thanks to a combination strategy of Livestream and short video, as well as a sales conversion rate of over 5%.

According to Momentum Commerce, social commerce is predicted to rise by more than 45 percent yearly. Because TikTok Shop is still a relatively new channel for marketers, the firm provides an end-to-end eCommerce solution to assist them in being early adopters and guide them through the uncharted region.

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The e-commerce facilitator also provides its own Smart AI Technology Solutions to all clients via its technology arm, Sellercraft, as part of the service. It claims that this system will simplify order and inventory administration, track order fulfillment across different channels, and deliver data-driven insight to monitor and optimize business performance on the move. Hans-Peter Ressel, the former CEO of Lazada Malaysia, and Eddy Yap launched Momentum Commerce.

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