You may now use Messenger’s video calls to play games, according to a recent announcement from Facebook Gaming, a division of Meta. 14 free-to-play games are currently accessible in Messenger video calls on iOS, Android, and the web. Popular games like Words with Friends, Card Wars, Exploding Kittens, and Mini Gold FRVR are among the available games.

Start a video conference on Messenger, hit the group mode button in the centre, then tap the “Play” symbol to access the games. You can then browse the collection of games from there. The business points out that in order to play games, there must be two or more people on the call.

Facebook Gaming said in a blog post that users can now use Messenger to play their favourite games while on video calls. This new, cooperative feature in Messenger makes it simple to play games with friends and family while on a video call, enabling you to strengthen bonds with them by having conversations and playing games together.

This year, the business claims to be trying to add additional free games to the platform. Developers that are interested in including this functionality in their games are encouraged to get in touch with Facebook Gaming.

The announcement follows Facebook’s last-October shutdown of its standalone Facebook Gaming app. The software had been released in April 2020, just before the epidemic began, to allow users to watch their preferred streams, play quick games, and engage in gaming communities. Users will still be able to discover their games, streams, and groups by accessing Gaming in the Facebook app, according to a statement made at the time by Facebook.

Even though Facebook has been experimenting with Messenger games over the past few years, some users could find it useful to be able to play games quickly and easily when on video chat.

Facebook previously disclosed that it is testing the ability for users to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app. This announcement coincides with the availability of that feature. Back in 2016, Facebook made the controversial decision to remove messaging features from its mobile web application in order to get users to download the Messenger app. The business is currently testing reversing this choice.



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