Managing multiple social media accounts can be time consuming and stressful when you have to develop contents, build engagement on each of them and promote them on respective social media networks. The hassle of handling multiple social media accounts is real and demanding.

Whether you are a creator or business account, you might have multiple social media accounts. Having multiple social media accounts is necessary as each of them is unique in their own way and has a different set of audience present.

So if you have multiple social media accounts you can manage them with some easy tips.

Social media software to combine all the accounts

Copying the content on multiple social media accounts can be stressful especially when you have more than 3 social media accounts. It also consumes a lot of time.

There are many software available that allows you to combine all your social media accounts into one and post one content to all the accounts from just a click away. Find those software to reduce your workload. There are certain sites like Hootsuite and social sprout that have those software to help you combine all your social media accounts and deal with them in one.


Focus on account that have more followers

Even though you have to be present on all social media networks, you should focus more on the account which has more followers and has higher engagement. Sorting out your priorities will help you focus on things that matter.


Cross promote

Sometimes cross promoting helps to unburden the load of handling multiple social media accounts. This will also help you to divert your followers to those social media networks which have less followers.


Post content at right time of respective social networks

Each social media platform has a unique feature and advantage that it brings with them. Even though people are active on social media the whole day. There are certain times where your audience is particularly active the most. Find the time when your audience is active and post content and not when you are free.

Instagram has ‘insights’ where you can learn the active time of your followers. The algorithm of all social media networks works almost the same considering posting at active times. Analyse and post content accordingly to the respective social media platform.


Cater to the necessity of particular social media

When you handle multiple social media accounts, you tend to post one content on all networks. But sometimes it doesn’t work in all the networks. As I have mentioned above, each social media platform has a unique aspect that it brings with them. All social media networks have different sets of dominant audiences.

For example amazon cannot use the same strategy to attract an audience on different platforms. A strategy to attract an audience on snapchat has to be different from Facebook because snapchat has a young audience while Facebook has more millennials.


Multiple social media accounts can be tiresome and stressful but it’s all worth it when you get your desired audience following your content and supporting you. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have a software that manages your multiple accounts so that you can handle them and track performance all under one.

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