Following users’ feedback, LinkedIn has been focusing on promoting more valuable content recently. The platform has introduced changes in its algorithm to show more posts of users’ interest. Basically, the platform wants to enhance users’ experience by showing them more relevant and professional content.

LinkedIn recent algorithm updates

As per the recent feedback, users complained about an influx of non-professional and irrelevant content in their feeds, similar to Facebook-like platforms. LinkedIn has been showing more personal content to users that more or less kills their interest in the feed. The updates in the algorithm will make sure that users no longer experience such issues on the platform. The changes will tend to prioritize users’ interests and first-degree connections.

In simple words, users will need not entertain the connections that aren’t direct and do not fall under the list of their followers. The new algorithm will ensure to show the content from the people you follow. Your feed will be filled with the content you prefer and the connections you have built. In addition to this, the platform will also try to highlight expert insights. For instance, if your post grabs a lot of comments and likes, the platform will try to value your content, considering you as an expert. This will require more and more audience engagement with your posts. To be highlighted as an expert, your content needs to grab a lot of attention and positive comments from people on the platform. Plus, direct replies and genuine conversations will also benefit in boosting the reach of your posts.

LinkedIn will also prioritize identifying opinions. There’s not much clarity on how exactly the process of categorization of this and that opinion will occur, but the focus will be more on sharing deep insights than re-posting. On the whole, the platform is working to filter the content and relevant topics that interest users. Indeed, it seems to be a highly useful update, and positive outcomes can be expected. However, let’s see how it actually turns out. Stay excited for more such updates.


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