YouTube currently has around 2 billion active users per month and has been predicted and pitched to expand to almost 3 billion by the end of 2025. Now having said that, it is obvious that you too would want to make hay while the sun shines. The first question popping up in your mind will be, ‘How do I grow and establish myself as a YouTuber?’ Read this till the end and we have answers to everything that you have been looking for!

What can you do to increase engagement on your newly made YouTube channel?

Well, the answer to it is quite simple. Paying enough attention to your subscriber and viewers would be the primary step. Each visitor on YouTube wants to be either entertained, educated, or challenged. The trick to establishing your “growth factor” is determining which themes inside your specialisation can fulfil those wants. And these days, that might be nearly anything. Your theme can be as obvious as raising a farm animal as your pet or just a video blog about your daily routine and someone somewhere will definitely find interest in your content.

Create loyalty badges and membership perks

This is an exclusive perk that will be available to you once your channel crosses a count of 1000 subs. Basically, membership plans have varied price amounts. The perks increase as the membership tier increases. The beauty of Channel Subscriptions and memberships is how much time you get to spend with your members. 

Make use of the Youtube community tab and post polls

It is obvious that you would want to make content that your viewers would wish to see. There is this feature of YouTube that again unlocks on passing 1000 subs, which allows you to post polls and ask your audience about their opinions. Community tabs don’t limit you to polls only, but also give you the freedom to do text posts, and post GIFs and in the end, your imagination is your limit. It depends upon you how innovative and creative you are to connect and engage with your audience.

Do what makes you happy

You should understand that your content is being viewed by real people. They would of course want you to be your true self in front of the cameras since it gives them a richer experience. Creators who put in the hard work and build long-term relationships with their audiences resulting in the development of their channels year after year are obviously not faking it. They don’t live a fabricated existence, and they don’t transform into the personas that their subscribers expect them to be. They use YouTube to share their passions and attract like-minded people. If horticulture is their passion, they won’t make a channel for stock trading just for the sake of it.

Optimize your content

We definitely can not have a conversation regarding content marketing and not have a talk about SEO. But how do you make your YouTube videos more optimised? You’ll want to incorporate your potential target keywords in your titles and descriptions to accomplish this. Then, throughout your video, make sure to highlight those keywords. These context indicators will be used by the YouTube algorithm to figure out what your content is really about. Then, if it receives interaction, it will rise in the search result panel of Youtube.

But how can you ensure that viewers watch your video through the first few seconds? Cutting unnecessary content from your intro is an excellent approach to accomplish this. A viewer should definitely be briefed about what he’s gonna learn after watching your entire video, in the first few seconds of the video. Now, if you have generated content within the interests of your audience, they won’t hesitate to invest their time and watch the entire video. Growing your YouTube following is a terrific strategy to bring new customers to your business. Having over 1,000 subscribers is also necessary for ranking better in search results. Hence it is essential to post content that your viewers would wish to see for it to be passed by the algorithm and appear in the search results.

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