Even though we all know what Quora is, but still I will take few seconds to explain it to the species from interstellar space. So, Quora is an online question and answer platform where users can ask and answer questions in various categories. It also allows users to follow topics, ask questions, and connect with experts in the field. Quora is a great resource for gaining knowledge on a variety of topics and for connecting with people who have expertise on a specific subject.

Is Quora a reliable source of information?

The main feature of Quora is rather straightforward: You can use the site to ask questions and receive answers, or you can answer questions. The question of whether the information provided is factual or at the very least accurate, is the one that has to be raised the most with regard to this type of crowdsourced information. Fortunately, a lot of these issues are alleviated by the fact that industry professionals frequently utilise Quora to provide answers.

Is Quora still relevant?

Yes, Quora has evolved. A wide range of fascinating questions and answers, written from many philosophical and scientific perspectives, range from perplexing inquiries about ant colonies to architectural designs of monuments, scientific theories, technological breakthroughs, astronomy and cultural variety.

But as time passes, both people and the environment in which they live changes as well. The platform has become dominated by dating, relationships, social advice, regrettable breakups and other social issues. I’m not attempting to ignore these matters; getting advice and answers to your questions is crucial. However, it is undeniable that Quora has lost the intellectual focus that it formerly had.

Are people still dependent on Quora?

Depending on your goal, there are two possible responses to this question. As was already said, Quora has completely changed from being a forum for intellectuals to one of social gossip, illogical reasoning and even flirting in the comment sections.

This is most likely a result of the user base gradually expanding. At first, most users belonged to the population’s more educated and intellectual subgroup. With so many individuals using Quora, both the supply and demand for this type of material (dating and social advice) have grown. People prefer to enjoy the rumours about the social interactions of other users rather than learning something new.

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