Twitter and Instagram are two of the most popular and widely used platforms among users, providing them with a wonderful experience. However, there is something new on the horizon that will be even more exciting for the users. Yes, you heard it right. Meta has recently rolled out some news, briefing about a new app that is currently being considered as a replacement for Twitter and Instagram.

What’s more exciting about this Meta’s Twitter challenger?

Meta’s new twitter-Instagram like app is soon to be introduced under the name “Barcelona.” It’s the tentative one, as the title of the app hasn’t been confirmed yet. In other words, the app will function similarly to Twitter while incorporating some Instagram features.

Users with millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter are, of course, worrying about losing followers. Since the new launch claims to be a better version, there is something thrilling for the users.

Meta’s Twitter challenger would, in fact, allow you to log in to the app with your existing Instagram usernames and sync their followers. Yes, the users can enjoy the benefit of syncing all the IG followers across the new app in a super easy way. You don’t actually have to worry about initiating things from scratch.

Since Instagram’s main feed conversations and posting activities have dived into DMs, the focus of this new launch is more on chat-based feeds. Furthermore, there has been news of giving access to celebrities or famed personalities in the first place before the actual release. This attempt to create a more accessible and trusted system will undoubtedly compete with Twitter.

Basically, Meta’s objective is not to replace Twitter or Instagram but rather to make things as simple as possible via this new app. Meta’s idea to align technology with advanced trends and to move the network towards decentralization is, indeed, intriguing. However, Users who were unhappy with the changes introduced by Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, now have the choice to try Twitter’s potential competitor.

Despite a few innovative changes in Twitter, most people have been criticizing this Elon’s era of Twitter. So, for them, it would be a better alternative to switch without losing their fame and followers.

It appears to be Twitter’s competitor; however, the intentions are to launch a better platform while experimenting with a decentralized system of networking. All in all, it is exciting for the users to enjoy the perks of using Meta’s new app, which is now being viewed as Twitter’s competition.




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