To guarantee that Facebook evaluations are founded on actual purchase experiences, Meta is introducing a revised Community Feedback Policy in the US. The new policy formalizes these regulations even though the corporation has already taken action against abusive reviews.

According to Meta, companies on Facebook must outlaw spam, incentivization, irrelevant posts, graphic material, and review manipulation. These new rules should cover cases when people are compensated for posting favorable reviews on a company’s website. In addition, the policy should include situations where individuals post fictitious negative thoughts to receive reimbursements.

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The company Meta stated in a blog post that their community feedback policy “is meant to give an equal voice for all opinions that conform with Meta regulations, including the entire range of positive, negative, and neutral input.” “As a result, we evaluate both favorable and unfavorable comments equally. We don’t scrutinize negative reviews more closely when checking for policy violations, and we don’t edit reviews before publication.

Meta says it depends on robotic technologies and human reviewers to ensure that every input complies with its standards. The business claims that while it may take some time for its enforcement tools to pick up on new regulations, over time, both its machine learning models and human assessments will advance.

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The business claims that although it will keep working to strengthen its identification and enforcement of policy infractions, it also encourages users to report erroneous reviews. You may write a questionable review on Facebook by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. In addition, by logging into Commerce Manager, businesses may report infractions.

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