One of the most important social media platforms on the internet today is Instagram. It is a location where you can make new friends, broaden your influence, and promote your company worldwide. All of this is possible with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Rumours and urban legends have resulted from this popularity. Sadly, if you believe these myths, you might not be able to take full advantage of Instagram. The following are a few Instagram myths that are simply not true. Therefore, stop spreading them and stop believing them as true.

People are being shadowbanned on Instagram:
The Myth: Instagram uses a technique called shadowbanning to remove an account if it deems it inappropriate. This can be carried out against any record without earlier advance notice, in such a way that the client doesn’t understand that the boycott is active. Shadowbanning can result in a temporary or long-term loss of account privileges.

People who believe they have been shadowbanned complain that their engagement with other Instagram users has decreased significantly. They also believe that hashtag search results don’t show their content, which means fewer people see it.

Reality: On Instagram, there are definitely things that can get you shadowbanned, but these are official account restrictions that you would be told about. Instagram has made it clear that shadowbanning isn’t a real thing. If you use too many hashtags or commit any other minor offence, you will not be banned.

Instagram has stated that rather than a shadowban, this is typically the result of poor marketing and the account owner using the wrong hashtags, even though some accounts may see less exposure for their content.

The Reality Behind 9 Instagram Myths in 2020 | Dont believe what others say

2. Instagram Possesses Your Substance
The Myth: You give up ownership of your Instagram content when you post it.

Reality: The content is owned by the person who posted it or captured it. Therefore, the copyright to a photo of yourself that you post on Instagram or any other social media platform belongs solely to you. Assuming you post another person’s video or photograph, you don’t possess it. Only the things you make are yours to own.

3. Instagram Is Covering Up Your Content:
The Myth: Instagram hides your posts. Instagram is deliberately hiding your posts. When you post a picture or video to your account, the post disappears when you scroll through your timeline later. Instagram has made this move with the intention of preventing more people from seeing your posts.

Reality: In the default feed, Instagram no longer displays posts in chronological order. This means that the order in which you published your posts will no longer appear on timelines. Instagram orders your content based on which of your posts will be most important to your audience based on its own algorithm and your previous user engagement history.

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