Instagram is known for being a visual platform where people can share photos and videos. But the Facebook-owned company is also investing in tools for creators.

On Tuesday, Instagram announced a slew of new features coming soon to the app that will make it special for people to create content, including support for vertical video.

Instagram is introducing a new ‘Gifts’ feature that will allow users to send virtual gifts to their friends and family. The gifts will be purchased using real money, and the proceeds will go toward the creator of the reel. This is a new way for Instagram to monetize reels, and it is expected that creators will be able to make a lot of money from this new feature.

This will allow creators to put a price tag on their Reels and allow viewers to purchase them. Gifts will be available for purchase through in-app purchases and will be delivered to the creator’s inbox. The feature is still in development and has not been announced yet, but it is expected to roll out soon.

What is it all about?

-The new feature allows users to send virtual gifts to their friends on Instagram.

-It is a way to show your friends that you are thinking of them.

-The gifts are reasonably priced and there is a large selection to choose from.

-Instagram offers free shipping on all gifts.

-Gifts can be sent anonymously.

-There is a wide selection of gifts to choose from, including coffee, cake, and flowers.

-This feature is being tested in various countries.

-Instagram will constantly be adding new gift options.


Instagram’s new ‘Gifts’ feature is a great way to send gifts to your friends and family. With a few clicks, you can send a gift to anyone on your Instagram list. All you need is their username and you’re all set. So what are you waiting for? Start sending gifts today!

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