Thousands of Instagram users have reported that they cannot access the popular social media platform this evening, leaving them dissatisfied. According to Downdetector, a company that tracks outages, 82% of Instagram users were having trouble using the photo-sharing app.

The site peaked at 6 p.m. in the United Kingdom, several hours after reports began pouring in at 12 p.m. There are also reports of roughly 7,000 people in the United States having problems, continuing to rise. There does not appear to be an acknowledgement of a problem from Instagram, Facebook, or their parent company Meta at this time. Other services are still operational, and the outage appears to be unrelated to any specific place.

Apart from users being unable to access the app, some in the UK have experienced issues with their Instagram feed not loading properly or failing to load after only a few posts have been displayed. There have also been instances of people seeing blank picture posts or screens that suggest they’re not logged in. With the hashtag ‘Instagramdown,’ many people resorted to other social media platforms, such as Twitter, to express their grievances and ask if other users were having similar problems.

Check out some user complaints

@camford23 asked: “Anyone else’s Instagram only show like 7 posts at a time then doesn’t let you scroll down any further?” @HighonOptimism also asked: “Is there an issue with the @instagram feed? Why is it not loading new things? #instagramdown #Instagram #bugsfix.”

@Quotes4Dogs posted: “Instagram making me look at the same posts over and over again today #instagramdown #glitch,” while @eastendersmulti added: “Sick of Instagram my feed is just stuck on 4 posts from 3 accounts stg insta is down every week x #instagramdown.”

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