If you don’t incorporate your Instagram feed theme or the platform’s overall aesthetic into your social media marketing, you’re wasting your time. It helps with marketing and may even inspire you to post something cool on Instagram when you’re stuck for ideas, so it’s not just about having a nice-looking feed. Even though it can be helpful to look at other accounts for influence, your style should ultimately be about you or your brand. You can think about these issues when selecting an aesthetic.

  1. What types of articles am I interested in publishing?
  2. What hues or colour schemes are my favourites?
  3. What emotions do I want people to have when they view my feed?
  4. What do I enjoy photographing and sharing?

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of Instagram aesthetics, you can change and create your own. You must guarantee that each of your posts has a consistent aesthetic if you want to achieve the cohesive Instagram design you desire.

Maybe a common filter would do the trick 

For instance, Instasize offers a wide range of effects that can help you get the ideal Instagram style quickly. Do you want to wear something gloomy? What about something breathable and light? Maybe something a little more old-fashioned and primitive? There is a filter for that, of course! The elegance of filters is that intensity-based customization is still possible. In order to improve a good photo and make it suitable for sharing on social media, you may also make adjustments to photo settings like Brightness, Contrast, and Shadow. Every post will have the consistency that an Instagram style demands if you use the same filter.

Or try white borders

White space between feed rows can make your stream stand out and make each of your photos stand out more. When you upload your photos, think about scaling them to a 4:3 or 2:3 aspect ratio and placing them on a white background so that each row of your feed has a white border to distinguish it.

Be pre-planned

It might be challenging to maintain an outstanding and carefully manicured Instagram look when you’re publishing on the move. Make sure nothing appears repetitive or out of place, and that each new post fits in with the other content in your feed. Using Instagram planners, you may rearrange your photos to see how they look together on your feed. If you want to post frequently, take lots of photos that reflect your aesthetic and preserve them so you can keep up with your posting schedule.

Watch-out for other profiles

Even once you’ve established your Instagram feed look, you may still discover new things. Look at other profiles and maintain a lookout for fresh concepts. What style do the Instagram feeds of your favourite accounts have? What framing and cropping methods do they use? How much editing have they done? How well did the filter work? The only way to improve your Instagram appearance is to do it frequently. New trends frequently develop on Instagram, which is a platform that is continuously changing. You can always accomplish more when the time comes for the following posting!

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