It seems like social media influencers have become a major influence in the lives of many people, especially when it comes to choosing brands and products. A recent survey conducted by iCubesWire has revealed that 34 Indians specifically choose brands based on the suggestions of influencers on different social media platforms. This survey provides insight into the increasing importance of influencer marketing in India and its potential to impact consumer decisions.

A recent survey conducted by iCubesWire reveals that 34% of Indian consumers are influenced to choose brands after viewing the suggestions of social media influencers. The survey, which studied the behavior of more than 1000 respondents across India, found that most respondents are more likely to believe an influencer’s opinion over traditional advertising campaigns.

The survey also revealed that when selecting a brand or product, 35% of Indians usually turn to their friends and family for advice. Additionally, 26% of participants said they often rely on online reviews before making purchasing decisions. This trend is further compounded by the fact that 37% of participants viewed social media influencers as knowledgeable sources for advice and recommendations on various products and services.

The results show how important it has become for companies to focus their marketing efforts on social media influencers in order to reach out to potential customers in India.

The results were quite significant – more than a third of Indians chose their brands based on what they learned from social media influencers while some even claimed that they had switched loyalties after being influenced by popular personalities on digital platforms. This is further proof of the power wielded by social media influencers who can shape opinions and convince people with their strong online presence and persuasive messages.

In conclusion, it is clear that social media influencers have a prominent role to play in influencing the brand choices of Indian consumers. This survey provides further evidence that brands should pay close attention to influencers when creating new products and campaigns. Even though only 34 people were surveyed, their responses represent a larger trend among Indian consumers and can help guide the next steps for marketers. As the reach of social media continues to expand, companies must embrace this new landscape in order to keep up with consumer preferences.


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