Users are becoming more aware of the experiences shared by the rest of their community today, i. e. User-Generated or Crowdsourced Content (UCC). Furthermore, because professionals were unable to create new content during the lockdown, UGC gained importance in marketing. We think it’s crucial to keep in mind the advantages of incorporating it into your digital marketing strategies and putting it to use.

Defining UGC~ Any type of online content that is posted on a social platform by a user, including images, videos, text, and audio files, is known as user-generated content. Once they have the owner’s consent, brands use this content in their marketing campaigns. The phrase “consumer-generated marketing” may also be used.

How does UGC impact the Consumers?

1. The User generates Original Content for your Brand: As social media users, we regularly create content for our social profiles about the brands we enjoy. When a product makes us happy, we tell our friends, family, and coworkers about it. ) and we unintentionally act as ambassadors. As a result, brands can obtain a ton of exclusive content about their goods as well as information about the audience’s perceptions of those goods, which helps them locate potential clients.

2. Both Authenticity and Respectability: More trust is built between a brand and its customer’s thanks to user-generated content. Since it is not created by the brand itself but rather is based on the experiences that other users have had with the products, the potential customer can trust that it is authentic and truthful content.

3. Feedback: UGC is a new way to draw users to your brand because of how we incorporate it into marketing strategies. When a user shares content about a brand on social media and you, the brand, support that content by incorporating it into your strategy or interacting with the user, you are inadvertently inspiring the rest of your community to do the same. As a result, a feedback process is created that raises the visibility of your brand.

4. Increasing both Traffic and Conversions: For marketers, traffic is a crucial KPI, but for that traffic to be useful, there must also be conversion. Since authenticity was previously mentioned as a benefit of UGC, it makes sense that this kind of content would act as “social proof” for potential customers. User-generated content, in other words, expedites the purchasing process and thus boosts the conversion rate of your brand.

The majority of us are aware of what user-generated content (UGC) is and that many brands use it as the foundation of their marketing initiatives.

Why do your customers want UGC?
1. UGC is incredibly individualized: Many customers demand individualized service. However, brands frequently lack the funds, materials, or equipment necessary to support every marketing channel, let alone specific audience niches. The abundance of UGC gives marketers access to more distinctive, diverse, and human content to use in order to create the customized visual experiences that customers have come to expect and to keep visuals fresh across all customer touchpoints.

2. UGC is real and timely: Consumers don’t want perfect or excessively professional these days. Genuineness is what they seek.

Authenticity is important to consumers when choosing which brands to support, according to a Stackla (Visual UGC by Nosto) report, and UGC was chosen as the most authentic form of content by 59 per cent of respondents. People were also 3 times as likely to say user-generated content (UGC) is authentic as compared to brand-created content and 5 times as likely to say it is authentic as compared to influencer content.

Customers are more apt to perceive your brand as authentic because UGC is created by actual people.

3. UGC offers Motivation: More and more people are turning to social media for purchase inspiration. According to our consumer survey, 66% of respondents say that seeing other consumers’ social media posts about new brands has motivated them to make a purchase. Moreover, 80% of customers claim that real customer photos and videos on an online store’s website would encourage them to make a purchase.

One of the most powerful types of content is user-generated content (UGC), which has become so because it is widely trusted and more memorable than other forms of visual media. In fact, compared to branded content and influencer content, which only account for 12 and 9 per cent, respectively, of consumers, 79 per cent say user-generated content has a significant influence on their purchasing decisions.

Key Takeaways:  Your eCommerce brands’ performance can be enhanced across all digital touchpoints with the aid of user-generated content (UGC). It is crucial to incorporate more user-generated content into your marketing plan because it aids in:

~ Encourage Research.
~ Boost Interest.
~ Lower the Price of the Content.
~ Boost Online Sales.
~ Expand the Average Order Value.
~ Promote Customer Loyalty.


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