There are many platforms where you can carry out your marketing activities while making the best of that particular platform and targeting new audiences. This also helps in driving traffic to your website and increasing your profits through targeting leads. 


One such platform that not many speak of right away when it comes to marketing is Quora. Quora as a social media platform harbours many users, and twice the number of people visit the website on a daily basis. Quora which is mainly depicted as a platform that targets Question, Answers and Discussions can also be used efficiently for marketing if used in an accurate manner. 

Here is how you can begin using Quora for marketing productively- 


1. Optimise the profile well, that is add in accurate, relevant and beneficial description, details and URL. Make sure your bio looks attractive and clear. Add your topics and categories your brand resonates with accurately so that anyone visiting your profile can immediately get hang of your credibility. Your display picture should look professional and appealing as it makes the difference as well. You can also provide your credentials to describe about your services and the concept behind your brand.


2. Your next step should be to jump ahead to explore all about the category your brand targets. Put in relevant keywords to search and explore all the questions related to your business or field, along with the kind of answers they are receiving. This is like a research phase that should be taken seriously to learn the most out of the platform so that you can wisely implement it later. 

3. You can then start implementing all that you learned by targeting questions that you hold expertise in and answering them wisely and clearly. Make sure to genuinely provide them with a valuable expertise that actually adds onto their knowledge, and once you think you have provided a general solution, you can move ahead to attach a link of your own website or profile if you think your brand is something that they can benefit from and is actually related to their question. However, this should be done strategically as it should not appear as if all you are doing is marketing your own products and not providing any insight. Fit in your brand or products in a way that it becomes the perfect answer to their question.


4. You can also adopt paid methods that is the paid ads offered by Quora to promote your website, products and concepts. The same can work like advertisements as it will target the target audience for your brand, multiplying the traffic that you generally receive, along with increasing sales and profits. 


5. You can also ask relevant questions from the users who you think might identify as the target audience to elevate their experience, get their insights and preferences, and ask their opinions about your brand, industry and field. This will also help you to identify and fix mistakes, learn and bond with your audience better. 


The main aim should be to carry out the marketing smartly and be persuasive without imposing anything on the audience. Hold the composure and contribute to the platform with dedication so that the same can also provide your brand with new established social media presence, elevated brand identity and an impressed audience.


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