Being a creator YouTube gives you a lot of opportunities for growing your channel and monetizing your video content. One of them is to begin your YouTube channel membership. You can start your channel membership. It also boosts your revenue and helps you promote your channel. It enables your members to gain access to additional, unique benefits that you want to provide to your followers. To turn on your channel’s membership, you must complete several requirements.


To be qualified for YouTube channel membership, there are several minimal qualifications to consider. Your YouTube channel must have over 1000 subscribers and be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. You must be at least 18 years old, and you must be in one of the offered membership locations. Also keep in mind that if you submit stuff for children, you will be disqualified.

Benefits you can provide

When your subscribers join your channel, you must provide them with several benefits. Live streaming can be done especially for your members, and live chats can be accessed, all of which will aid in the development of your community. You may also add your own emojis and badges. You can also provide bonus content videos to make them feel special.

Managing the membership of the channel

It’s critical to keep track of your membership and provide your followers the option of paying money. You risk losing your members if you don’t. You may also create membership tiers for your channel and charge your subscribers based on the benefits they want. Keep track of how many members joined or terminated your channel’s membership and adjust your benefits accordingly.

Channel membership policies and guidelines

Be aware of all the YouTube policies, community guidelines, and terms of service before switching on your channel’s membership. Make sure that you share content and perks within the given guidelines and follow every relevant law mentioned by YouTube. Strictly stick to the given guidelines or you will find yourself in trouble.

If you give your fans the opportunity to avail your YouTube channel membership, then make sure you accordingly provide them with unique content other than the content that you share with all subscribers. Make sure you are eligible for it, and that you follow all the policies and guidelines. Work in such a way that it benefits you and your audience.

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