Decide what type of post you’ll be scheduling as a starting point. Single-media postings were the norm until carousel posts arrived! While both have their advantages, you must be sure that it is appropriate for the goal of your posting.

A single media post refers to a single image or video that has been shared on social media. It’s a tried-and-true method of conveying a tidbit of information in a memorable way. This is because it gives your audience a single point of focus, requiring less work and commitment on their part to interact with your material.

Here are a few tips which might help you to have an organised social media feed that would result in faster and better audience engagement:

Image/Video quality and aspect ratio

Instagram’s maximum video width is 1080 pixels, while the minimum is 600 pixels. Unfortunately, this implies that neither Instagram nor Facebook presently supports Super HD or 4K video uploads. For all video files, the maximum resolution is 1080px. Videos on Instagram have no height restrictions; they can be any size as long as they stay within the maximum portrait and landscape ratios of 4:5 and 1.91:1, respectively.

Hence, we would suggest bringing this to the notice of your graphic artist so that your posts can satisfy Instagram’s conditions

Tagging people

Because the Instagram algorithm prioritizes posts that earn likes and comments immediately after they are posted, timing your user tags and mentions is certain to lead to speedy interaction. Mentions help to develop a network and start interactions with people in your ideal audience, which are both extremely beneficial. If you’re working with influencers, hosting a contest, or simply want to promote another brand, make sure to tag or mention them in your postings.


Editing tools feature a plethora of filters that can help you quickly create the Instagram aesthetic you desire. Do you want to go for a sombre look? How about something light and airy? Perhaps something a little more vintage and shabby? That’s something for which there’s a filter! If you apply the same filter to every post, your material will have the consistency that an Instagram aesthetic requires.


We all wish to have a solid caption game. This is due to the fact that captions have the ability to halt a scroller in their tracks. Captions are a fantastic way to give our viewers more information, detail, and value. Here are a few tips to have an engaging caption:

  1. Make sure your initial line grabs the reader’s attention. Because captions are frequently reduced to the first few words, now is your chance to convert that scroll into a Like.
  2. Even if the caption is big, you can break it up into short, easily digestible mini-paragraphs rather than a large block of (daunting) text.
  3. The post doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation. Your readers will want to know more if you’ve phrased your caption correctly.
  4. Add eye-catching emojis to your captions.
  5. We all know how relevant and essential hashtags have become. Hence, it is should be a must from our side to make optimum use of Hashtags.

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