There are 2 types of negative comments one is constructive criticism and another one is full of hate, and both of these should be handled differently. Instead of taking such comments personally Recognize their comments and backfire on them. Or such people can waste your time making you engage in controversies.

Let us look at some methods on how to handle such comments using youtube tools-

1. Get that commentator blocked from your channel-

You can easily block that person from commenting on your channel ever again by blocking him/her instead of replying. Just select more and then hit “hide user” and then delete their comment. Those blocked commentators will still be able to view your content but their comments won’t show up anywhere on your channel.

2. Comment Moderator-

Look out for a trusted user who frequently leaves positive comments on your videos. When they become moderators this person will have the ability to flag unwanted comments from trolls, spam, and everything in between. The comments they flag will live in your “Held for Review” tab where you can decide if they appear on your comments section or get deleted for good, the decision is all of the moderator or yours. This is a great tool for avoiding the headache that comes with regulating every comment on your own.

3. Start blacklisting words/ comments-

To avoid offensive, inappropriate and profane language from ever showing up in your comments section you can block particular words keeping your community safe from harmful language. To do this you can find prepared documents of blacklist words online to download for free and use for your page.

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