Instagram has outdone itself in almost every aspect and it is one of the most well known and influential platforms globally. Becoming an influencer or creator on Instagram is no less than a vision that so many look upto however beginning with it and actually making it grow is not as easy as it appears.

To monetise the content and actually gain back through Instagram is done through various means however brand collaboration stays at the top. Getting brand collaborations proves reliability, recognition and fame as well as helps your profile grow.You must have seen various influencers and content creators do brand collaborations and posting sponsored posts almost every other day but as a beginner how do we start with this? How to land up brand collaborations and put yourself out there?

Here are a few ways to get started with brand collaborations on Instagram-


Before reaching out to brands, make sure to have established a profile that represents your niche and showcases your content. Work on posting content consistently as well as on growing your followers as it is a given that brands reach out to influencers with better followers and having a good number of followers and a community of your own before you start with brand collaborations is probably a good idea.

Reach out-

Begin by narrowing down brands, influencers or business accounts that you would want to collaborate with; however make sure that if you are the one who is taking the first step then both of you have a similar number of followers or the gap isn’t too wide. You cannot expect to reach out to a brand like Nescafe or Maybelline with maximum 1000-2000 followers and hope to get a brand collaboration. Start small and then make your way up. Do not hesitate to reach out to small business owners, brands, and new accounts like yours that are growing as it will help both your profiles grow and gain mutual benefits. Drop them an email or a DM and politely put forth your deal to see if they are willing and interested.

Plan well-

Make sure to plan ahead. Reach out to brands or small businesses that are in your field and niche so that the collaboration is seamless and not forced. Similarly, execute the plan accordingly such as if you will be promoting their product, doing a session together, hosting giveaways, or releasing a product or an idea together. Communicate well about the idea and strategize well. To highlight that an account is open for collaborations, it is also a good idea to mention it in your bio and leave a contact such as email or a link for reference.

Research and execute-

Create a decent pitch that you would want to share while reaching out to brands and if they reach out to you instead then keep your goals clear and precise in your mind. Take note of strategies you would be willing to adopt and once the deal is set, execute it exquisitely to create a worthy looking post that showcases impressive content. Go ahead to create unique content but make sure to discuss it with your partners first. Also, apart from this stay on the lookout through hashtags and searching well as you can also come across various opportunities like these through these tools. Stay up to date with trends and pages that share opportunities like these.

Do not be afraid to start small and then climb your way up the ladder and make sure to put yourself out there to learn, research and implement, so that your profile can grow beautifully as well as establish your personal brand. Fingers crossed that one fine day with all the hard work and consistency, you will also end up landing your dream collaboration and receive the absolute best that you deserve.

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