Shakespeare wrote that all the world’s a stage, but as a content creator, all the world is your audience. YouTube boasts millions of users from across the globe, which means that practically anyone with internet access is your potential viewer.

Here are a few tips for expanding the global reach of your audience.

Collab with international creators.

Oftentimes, creators focus on the viewers in their native countries. It’s like starring in the musical at your community theater. Your performance is great, but only the people who live in the area come to see you. However, if another aspiring actor from two hours away starred alongside you, then people from their community would make the drive to watch the performance as well.

You can reach viewers in other countries by collaborating with creators who are popular internationally. 

Enable viewers to add subtitles on their own.

Many people enjoy international media by using subtitles, including YouTube videos. If you’re able to translate your videos into another language, you can add your own subtitles. You can add them in your Video Manager.

However, if you can’t translate your own videos or want subtitles in different languages, then you can open your channel up to community contributions. Then, viewers can add subtitles in their own languages. 

Focus on content with wide appeal.

Another way to expand your audience globally is to focus on content with wide appeal. The more general of an audience your content appeals to, the larger of an audience it will attract. Your content can be niche, but keep it from being too narrow.

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Make videos about media and entertainment from other countries.

Finally, you can create content that appeals to an international audience by engaging with the media and entertainment they create. You could react to K-pop music videos, test out Japanese beauty products, or review a new British film.

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In order to reach an international audience, your content should have wide appeal. However, you can also engage with media and creators from across the globe to bring in more viewers.


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