This is a million dollar question faced by every budding entrepreneur. Whether you’re a recently established online biz or an MNC, expanding your horizons is a must at some or the other time. What better place to start than social media right!? So, today our focus will primarily be on this particular topic. Let’s get started!

  • Register yourself as a business account

This means keep your account strictly professional. Don’t post pictures of your family and friends. All your activity must be related to your business.

  • Offer discounts

What better way to bring in customers other than discounts right!!Surveys tell us that people buy things which aren’t necessary to them for the time being if they are on offers. Make sure you roll out those babies often!

  • Respond to customer queries

Always follow the principle that customer is God. Never delay responding to their requests and always stay on standby in case of transportation or production issues.

  • Focus on quality not quantity

One fine item is worth a lot more than ten cheap items. If the product you sell doesn’t last long the customer won’t see value in it and probably won’t recommend it to others.

  • Include surprise freebies

When you include small tokens of gratitude the customer gets emotionally hooked which forms a bond of trust between you two. This helps them coming back to buy your products making him a loyal customer.

  • Write a note

This is a trusted solution. When you address them by their names, it forges an emotional attachment which in turn makes the transaction more meaningful and beneficial.

  • Always pack pretty

Nobody wants to open a soggy lump of a package excitedly. Make your packaging attractive, fill it with confetti and most importantly make it look like a gift.

Follow these tips and we may print your next story for our successful business page column!

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