“Carve a niche for yourself”- It means securing your position in an area and being unique in it. This applies to content creators as well. Everyday lakhs of people enter the internet and different social media platforms to become content creators. The competition is immense and if you want to be someone special you need to do something special. We don’t mean winning a lottery (It would help though). We mean being good at what you do such that there’s no potential rival.

So here we are, with yet another set of helpful advice to welcome you onboard the ship of content creation on Youtube!

  • Figure out your area of interests

If you want to be good at what you do, you must work real hard. Working hard requires passion, vision and most importantly the strength to move forward despite little to no success. If you just pick some random area and start creating content you’ll eventually lose your zeal in the long run.

  • Stay updated on trends

Being well informed about the latest news in your area of interest helps you create faster content than your competitors. Creating quality content also puts you in a better position than other content creators.

  • Be consistent

Post often but don’t spam in the name of that. Prepare a schedule and stick to it no matter what.

  • Try to incorporate

Content creation is all about being creative. Try analyzing impacts and influence of other fields in your area. For example, if you specialize in Indian cuisine, you could try fusing other cuisines with yours. It gives room to a lot of new ideas and makes your content interesting.

  • Use different platforms

This a standard mantra to carve a niche for yourself. If people know what you do, there is a higher possibility of them checking out who you are and liking your content.

  • Try using different features on your platforms

Familiarizing yourself with the platform you use gives you an edge over others, as it will open you new doors of aesthetically pleasing content to put out.

And most important of all, be your own unique authentic self!

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