Do you want your Instagram posts to be seen by more folks? Are you getting the most out of your Instagram tags?

Today, we’re gonna talk about the distinguishing factors among both @mentioning and tagging a profile, as well as how to utilise each of these strategies to increase your reach

Tagging v/s Mentioning

Let’s speak about tagging ordinary Instagram feed postings. It’s critical to recognise the difference between tagging and @mentioning a profile. These names are considered synonymous, although they are not interchangeable. Using the @ symbol in front of someone’s Instagram username in a remark or caption to reference them and gain their notice is known as a @mention.

Only the content creator can tag others in the post, but anyone can make a @mention on any piece of content. You might be asking why you would really like to tag someone when you could just @mention them. There are two explanations for this.

First and foremost, @mentions appear in the usual notification stream and can simply be overlooked. Only the 100 most current alerts are displayed in the notification stream. As a result, if a user receives 200 alerts, they will only view the last 100. Nevertheless, when you tag that profile, you’ll get a different message. This enables you to jump out among the other notifications and ensure that the account you’re targeting saw your message.

The second reason is that when an Instagram account is tagged, the content is stored in a different tab on their profile. The labelled content essentially transforms into a massive gallery.

Having said that, there is a disadvantage to only tagging an account on Instagram rather than @mentioning it. While the tag on a post displays all of the accounts that have been tagged, most users will not tap on the content to check who has been tagged and who has been mentioned. In this scenario, it’s also a good idea to @mention all of the tagged accounts in the caption so that the average user reading it sees their usernames as well.


Hashtags have long been acknowledged as the most popular technique to gain attention on Instagram, but there are a variety of other tagging alternatives available to help you expand your following and promote your account. Tag other accounts, add location tags and use shopping tags to increase the number of people who view your material on the platform. And by mixing all of these different types of tags, you’ll gain the most visibility possible.


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