With more than 320 million members, Twitter is unquestionably one of the largest social media networks in the world. All age groups have been extremely popular with the rapidly expanding website; anybody over the age of thirteen may simply register a Twitter account by providing simple information.

But what distinguishes this microblogging platform from other well-known social media hosts like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp? “Simplicity” is the response. Yes, Twitter came to be known as a platform that supported a no-nonsense approach with a tight verification procedure, a word restriction, and high professional standards.

The platform quickly became a favourite of governments, institutions, and media organisations throughout the world due to its simplicity of use and accuracy in capturing the attention of the intended audience in the quickest manner possible. Many individuals throughout the world utilise this platform to interact and connect with people, from heads of state to well-known figures to the average citizen.

For instance, during the Covid-19 epidemic in India, Twitter saw a jump in popularity among users as those in need joined to request aid from the government and other organisations. However, a recent string of instances followed by Musk’s purchase of the microblogging network has sparked a variety of user arguments.

One of Elon Musk’s recent tweets about membership fees for verified accounts and making it more accessible for all user categories has sparked concern, and the most well-known verified accounts are doing all in their power to respond.

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