No more hashtags. SEO has won! How to use SEO on Instagram is covered in this blog. We have been using the hashtag “#hashtaghide” for years to include hashtags in our captions and sometimes in our comment section. The primary strategy for SEO, reach, and engagement was to use hashtags. Now, hashtags are very important in research. You can search for content with the best practices (views, engagement, and reach) and use it to your advantage by clicking a hashtag within your nice.

Hashtags, remember them? What was once a requirement for all managers of social media who wanted to increase their Instagram presence has been cancelled. Hashtags used to be thought to help us reach more users and increase engagement, but now it appears that they may merely serve as a funny touch and assist brides in finding their wedding photos.

Social search engine optimization, also known as social SEO, enters the picture. Social media SEO functions similarly to SEO for search engines like Google. It is the practice of including relevant keywords in post captions to increase the likelihood that users will see the content and, as a result, increase engagement and reach.

Linkedin Hashtags: 150+ most popular hashtags and how to use them - 2023 Update - TheB2BHouse
Check out the following advice if you’re looking for new ways to improve your SEO:
1. Optimize your Instagram Profile for Search- Change your name to include how you can be of assistance (for example, Financial Coach, Business Coach, or Gluten-Free Recipe Blogger). When you include your title, business name, and method of assistance, users who are looking for what you might have will see your name sooner. For instance, if I want to find a financial coach, I might type “financial coach” into the search box, and your account might be one of the first results.

2. Compose Catchphrase Advanced Sub-titles- Use catchphrases inside your inscriptions that mirror your business. Utilize your captions to your advantage if you are a financial coach by including keywords that your audience is looking for. e.g., making a budget, investing, and paying off debt) Occasionally, you can use short captions to break up the style of your content. However, your content will perform much better if you use specific keywords in longer captions.

3. Consider Hashtags as Keywords- If you remove the hashtag #budgeting from a location, it will still function as a keyword (SEO). Naturally, include more keywords in your captions, considering them to be your hashtags and improving your SEO.

4. Make the Most of Alt Text- An invisible description of a photo that blind or visually impaired users of screen readers can hear is called alt text. Include your keywords in the alt text for SEO purposes as well.

5. Encourage Tagging- Persuade your audience to tag a person who might be interested in your content. You will have a greater chance of being seen by a different audience if you encourage tagging. Reach is also improved when content can be shared.
– Track and Optimize: When you look at your analytics at the end of each month, look for the content that performed the best and make adjustments.

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