Google Brain and DeepMind are now going to function as one team. Isn’t it interesting? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about it yet. You aren’t missing out on anything; because this article talks about everything you need to know. Well, according to a recent update, Google Brain has joined hands with DeepMind to raise the bar of YouTube Short’s discoverability.

Basically, it’s the Flamingo, a visual language model that helps to generate descriptions for YouTube Shorts. Users more often keep on scrolling Shorts than actually look into the description area. That’s why creators don’t spend time on adding a catchy title or metadata.

But there are a few people who actually want to dig deeper and go into looking for the description. And here comes the role of Flamingo, which spares creators from investing much energy into such tasks. Flamingo manages it well while enhancing your video’s visibility and discoverability for the audience.

How exactly does the Flamingo model work?

As stated by DeepMind, “Shorts are created in just a few minutes and often don’t include descriptions and helpful titles, which makes them harder to find through search.” However, Flamingo can work by looking into the video, and after an analysis, it generates the descriptions for you. With this, it’s going to be super easy to generate YouTube Shorts descriptions with the added advantage of increased discoverability.

Flamingo comprehends what’s there in the video, does a quick analysis, and gets you the output. The metadata will be added as the descriptions automatically according to your YouTube short content, and there isn’t much to do on your part. Most people find it hard to put a suitable title and description so that part of your business will be taken care of by this new AI team-up. If you still are doubtful about how Flamingo works, try http://DeepMind’s video.

On the whole, the effort of Google to team up Google Brain and DeepMind is pretty cool and is certainly going to help creators to increase their followers, views, and online presence on several social media platforms. So, stay updated with whatever the technology has to offer and reap the benefits.



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