Everyone wants to make their lives go a little more smoothly planned to make the most of the 24 hours we have. Who doesn’t like to be organized and planned?

Why not follow people who are the authorities in this field given how much time we spend on social media?

Learn about their opinions of the top Instagrammers for productivity, their reasons for following them, and how these Instagrammers assist them in finding their way. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Alex Tooby: Alex Tooby must be followed if using Instagram profitably for your business is a part of your overall plan. She customizes her feed, offers motivational and inspirational quotes, and offers helpful insights and opportunities to advance your career. With more than 58,000 followers right now, Alex has demonstrated her success using Instagram.

If you choose to watch her tutorials, you can quickly learn some advice that is simple to put into practice. After completing this step, I create sets of hashtags that I can copy and paste into the comments of my posts (after making a small adjustment to suit the post’s needs). Using hashtags correctly is one way to attract the right audience to your feed.

2. Kimberely Wenya: In terms of productivity, Kimberley Wenya is one of the favourite Instagram users. She is a manifestation and law of attraction coach, so she is not the typical candidate for a “productivity Instagrammer”. That being said, the key to her approach is taking initiative rather than passively waiting for success to come her way. She balances the ‘woo’ and the action like no other, and that’s what I love about her. She is organized, takes her job seriously, and employs a productive strategy with sticky notes, journals, notepads, and other tools, all while maintaining a strong belief in spiritual and universal laws.

The most inspiring aspect of her advice is how she started her company while she was still in college and, in just two years, grew it into a multiple 6 figure business. With her dreamy, modern-luxe vibe and cosy approach to intense productivity, she is all about balance, so if she could balance that, then I know for sure that I am in the right hands!

3. Vee: Completely Vee is a fantastic Instagram account with links to articles that can help you learn more about yourself, become more productive, and expand your mind to see things from new angles. Author Vee identifies as a mother, wife, sister, and a variety of other roles. She exudes empowerment in all of her posts, and this encourages readers to feel secure in their own skin.

Each article is packed with layers of motivation, support, and practical advice that are sure to give you a fresh perspective on yourself and boost your productivity. Your goals will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired by her posts.

4. Petra: Due to the colours Petra uses, your first glance at her feed makes you feel extremely calm. Her posts are incredibly useful and relatable, in my opinion.

She has written about a wide range of subjects, including taking action, organizing, clearing out clutter, manifesting, and more. She discusses both the problems and the steps you should take to resolve them.

5. Susie and Anna: The inspiration and good vibes on this page are abundant. This mother-daughter team pairs their life experiences with motivational sayings and shares them with the world. Their relatable stories convey a positive message of hope and perseverance and cover everything from gratitude and love to healing and meditation.

Their webpage features beautiful images from nature that uplift and soothes the spirit. The concepts of worldly energy and how our own energy and emotion control our reality are spoken loudly. You can’t help but connect with the people on this page because they are written with such passion and love.

The main takeaway from this page is that we must choose to be the light in a world of chaos and darkness because that is the only place we will find peace and prosperity in the world.

6. Sasha Fardell: We currently find Sasha Fardell to be one of our favourite Instagram users. She frequently posts encouraging and empowering quotes and narratives for women. Although she focuses on inspiring aspiring coaches and healers to turn their passions into businesses, her inspiration can be easily applied to all areas of life.

Her posts quickly shift our perspective, no matter if we feel down or self-conscious. Her words of motivation and inspiration inspire us to keep in mind that we are in charge of our destiny. She makes us aware that extraordinary things rarely come easily, but she also encourages us to have faith in our abilities and the timing of our life. We can easily apply this to develop as a person, our journey toward minimalism, and our most recent endeavour for minimalism.

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