According to Fox Business, former US President Donald Trump will establish his own social media network by the end of March, citing sources close with the situation. The network, dubbed TRUTH Social, will be completely operational by the end of the current quarter, according to the study released on Wednesday.

Truth Social

According to the source, the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) is now beta testing its app, and Americans will be able to download it or register an account at the same time. Trump’s new network isn’t yet live, but it’s available for pre-order in the Apple App Store, according to the story.

TRUTH Social will collaborate with Rumble, a platform pitching itself as an alternative to YouTube and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Last week, Trump claimed that his network would combat Big Tech censorship and defend the freedom of free speech and expression.

Trump has referred to the platforms as “stand up to big tech’s dictatorship” and condemned them for stifling opposing views in the United States. According to a BBC report, TMTG plans to offer a subscription-based video-on-demand service with “non-woke” entertainment such as news, podcasts, and more. Hive, a San Francisco-based Series D start-up, has teamed with TMTG to provide automated solutions through cloud intelligence. In a December 2017 interview with Fox Business, Trump affirmed that the platform’s launch was on track and that it was “in terrific shape.”

Former US President made the statement after his former adviser Jason Miller launched GETTR. Apart from attempting to use social media, Trump has stepped in his attempts to boost his popularity ahead of the 2024 elections, implying that he may run again, and has maintained his profile through rallies and public appearances. However, there has yet to be a formal announcement.


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