Musk has this idea of creating a super app even before acquiring Twitter. And by acquiring Twitter, not to mention, it becomes even easier to think of introducing one without having to start from scratch. In October 2022, Musk tweeted and gave a hint about creating a “super app,” saying that “buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.” Okay, Let’s dig deeper into the idea of a super app.

What exactly is a super app? 

If you are familiar with a Chinese application called, We Chat, it is easy for you to understand the ‘super app’. We Chat isn’t limited to messaging, and that’s something that makes it special. From gaming and payment to supporting mini-programs, the app is exceptionally capable of doing so many things.

And this is how the super ability of the app fascinated Elon Musk to move one step closer to making Twitter a ‘Super App.’ So, a super app or everything app is, basically, a complete package that can provide several services. You can rely on a super app for almost all your tasks.

Elon Musk Takes Twitter Towards Becoming a “Super App”

Musk’s idea of taking Twitter beyond a standard app is, of course, exciting. However, In the US, it isn’t that simple, as in China to introduce the idea of a super app due to security concerns and a few other reasons.

The idea of making Twitter a super app is indeed inspired by We Chat. Basically, Elon Musk’s intention to make Twitter a super or everything app is to provide multiple services out of a single unit. However, Musk is still wondering how and what a super app could look like.

In a podcast also about super apps, Elon stated that super apps needed to be introduced in the US and showed a willingness to make Twitter one while seeing We Chat as a model. However, there are trust issues and some legal hindrances that would be required to overcome.

So far, Twitter has been linked to a number of privacy and security concerns, especially after some teenagers hacked famous accounts. Users also expressed their distrust in Elon, citing his previous chaos. Therefore, Musk must ensure safety and address all relevant issues to accomplish his goal.

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