Elon Musk’s new announcement about uploading long videos has enthralled the audience. The excitement among users about this new feature is bringing a lot of humor to the table. People have started calling it the “New Netflix.” Where a few users spat humor by saying, “Movies in coming,” many tweeted in support. A few posts, however, criticized Elon’s idea of revolutionizing Twitter.

So, what exactly is this “New Netflix” feature? 

Elon Musk’s ongoing efforts to bring some of the most amazing features to Twitter recently brought up a “new Netflix.” On the 18th of May, this new feature was rolled out, giving blue tick subscribers the option of adding 2 hours long video.

Users can enjoy this latest feature of adding long-form content to the platform for $8 per month or $84 for a yearly subscription. Apart from a lot of excitement, users, more or less, have a fear of facing inappropriate and conservative content.

The introduction of several new features to Twitter is taking the platform to become a super app. From voice chats and video chats to posting 8 GB long videos, Elon has done a lot for the platform. And what’s coming next would be even more exciting. Wouldn’t that be true?

Additionally, efforts are being made to reduce spam and false tweets in order to make Twitter a better platform. Several accounts have been banned in response to false and conservative information, with the intention of potentially protecting users from consuming false information.

Is this new feature limited to blue-verified subscribers?

Yes, the feature is restricted to blue-verified users, and it’s important too. The purpose of paid subscriptions or special blue verified privileges apart from revenue generation is simply to establish trust and credibility. This way, it benefits users, giving them a better experience on the platform. Furthermore, the fun feature of posting up to two hours long video content gives users a taste of what it’s like to watch Netflix.

So, whether Twitter started being called a streaming service or the new Netflix, users do enjoy the change, and it’s indeed exciting to see such changes in the platform. And users having subscriptions also have access to posting long tweets and direct messaging. All in all, Musk’s effort to make changes to already existing Twitter is getting noticed and appreciated, together with potential criticism by the audience.


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