There are many platforms that can be used for interacting with other individuals, connecting in groups, keeping contacts, expanding your network and growing your business. However, it is imperative to find the correct ones that aligns with your identity and represents your brand accurately without compromising on the quality. 


There are various ways to explore such applications and one popular one will be highlighted here. 


Telegram is one of the unique applications that has been growing well ever since our dependency on social media applications. 


There are various unique features that distinguish Telegram as an application and uplifts how it is perceived. It is also counted on for its security features and innovative style of keeping in touch with others and growing simultaneously on the side. 

Here are a few efficient features of Telegram that should be used for productivity and growth- 


1. Groups- 

Telegram groups are very famous as the limit of members that can be added in the group is impressive as an average group can include up to 2,00,000 members. These work as Broadcast groups which helps large groups to communicate smoothly, expand connections and smoothen the functioning of the team. To control the chaos, one can also change the settings where only the admin can send messages and updates. 


2. Fixed set and schedule messages- 

If one is running their business on Telegram and holding most of their interactions on the platform then it is recommended to use this feature as it will allow one to set fixed time and schedule messages or updates accordingly. This will ensure that a message is sent on a fixed time without you having to put efforts. 


3. Customise profile- 

Telegram is popular for their customisations which can allow you to change the appearance, visuals, text style, emojis and much more. The same can help you achieve a personalised experience and modify the application themes and its settings according to your preference. 


4. Video calls-

Video calls are a great experience when it comes to Telegram as not only one can add various people but they can also hold productive meetings on the platform where they can also share screens on the side to make the meeting more efficient and share other information as well. 


5. Security- 

There are various security features that makes the application more secure and safe such as holding secret chats, privacy, security of chats and documents which is held with even more security on this platform and there is no trouble with storage as well.


Thus, there are many such other features that can be explored on Telegram which will help you with many other activities, professional tasks, unique ways of being connected and so much more. Telegram is an application which holds a lot of potential and should be used accordingly. 


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