Discord has made a big move in the world of social media. The popular voice and text chat app has recently acquired the Gas app, a social media platform mainly used by teenagers. This is an interesting development that could have a major impact on how teens communicate online. It could also lead to Discord becoming more popular with young people, who make up a large share of its user base.

Discord, the popular chat and voice app for gamers, has just acquired Gas – a social media platform made for teens. The move comes as Discord seeks to expand its presence in the social media space.

The Gas app was created by San Francisco-based startup Squad Social Inc. and launched in December 2020. It quickly gained traction with users aged 13-18 due to its focus on creativity. The app allowed users to create custom profile pages, share photos, videos, and music, as well as discover new content from their friends and the wider community.


Now with Discord’s help, Gas aims to reach even more teens around the world – providing them with a safe space where they can express themselves freely through creative activities. We’re excited to see what projects this successful collaboration will bring!

The new acquisition comes as a surprise to many industry experts who view Gas as one of the most promising apps on the market. With Discord’s experience and resources, they plan on propelling Gas even further by expanding its capabilities and reach. This move is a testament to Discord’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment where all users can express themselves freely and safely.

Discord CEO Jason Citron shared his enthusiasm over the new addition: “We’re thrilled about welcoming Gas into our family. We believe that together we can create incredible experiences for our community.

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