Every social media platform that is there has its pros and cons. We need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of all social media platforms so we can make a wise decision for expanding our business. It’s a fact that blogs offer larger depth and control as compared to Facebook and give long-lasting effects to the targeted audience. But it doesn’t conclude that Facebook doesn’t have any powerful effect.

Let us understand in-depth which medium should be followed and why-

Why Blogging is beneficial to us-

Blogging is a marvelous medium where one can put up their personal experiences, ideas, interests, and even can shape their own company as blogging covers a large number of people at once. The readers of blogs get inspiration by reading people’s thoughts, knowing about their life challenges, and even pondering their thoughts. . Blogging also uses RSS, email, sites visitors which helps to reach multiple audiences whereas in Facebook only the people who have liked your page get to see your posts.

Why Facebook is beneficial to us-

Facebook is one of the prominent social media platforms with a large number of people connected there. It gives people a way to interact and connect and start a conversation with all kinds of people around them and even globally, not just professional conversation but personal thoughts can also be exchanged on Facebook.

Reasons for not using Blogging-

Blogging consumes a lot of time as well as hard work as compared to Facebook while preparing substantive content and forming it together. Another drawback of blogging is that not all readers leave a comment and share their reviews as it happens on Facebook. As there is no point in communicating and expressing your ideas to people if you are not getting responses from them.

Reasons for not using Facebook-

Facebook indeed has around 1 billion users. Due to which the competition for people’s attention also multiplies simultaneously. It’s not easy to put up your thoughts, ideas, tips, pieces of advice with many other Facebook pages even when people have liked your page because they must have liked numerous pages till then.


Now that we have come across the merits and demerits of both blogging and facebook the answer to our question, which should be preferred blogging or Facebook? Is that we should use both platforms as it would lead us to cover a larger audience and will give us a great opportunity to get in touch with both worlds. When there is a time constraint we can prefer Facebook and when we want to connect more professionally we can use blogging.

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