Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has disclosed some of the modifications that would be made to the microblogging service starting the next week. On Friday, Musk highlighted the upgrades coming to the website through Twitter. He stated, “Next week, the picture length crop will be fixed, and the bookmark button will go to the tweet details page.”

The tech tycoon had suggested on Sunday that the planned improvements will simplify the process of creating folders to categorise tweets into different categories. Additionally, he disclosed the improvements that will be included in the “initial portion” of a “far broader UI redesign.” The platform’s “Significant backend server architectural improvements” had already been revealed by the owner of SpaceX.

The upgrade came after the microblogging site had a problem in the early hours of December 29. Al Jazeera said that there was a significant outage on the platform’s website. It was challenging for many people who attempted to sign in but were met with an error notice. The multi-billionaire has also declared that the new Twitter Policy will appropriately challenge science as well as obey it. As stated in a recent tweet by Musk, “New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which obviously includes reasoned criticism of the science.”

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