There are many social media platforms that are being used for sharing and consuming content, but the competition on all these platforms is not easy to get through. A creator, marketer or an influencer might scratch their heads thinking of the perfect place to promote and share their content but the thing is that there is no such thing as a “perfect” platform. It is making the best out of every platform being provided to you. 


When someone thinks of Tumblr, certain competition and audience does not come to their mind as Tumblr is not the conventional place to promote your brand; however, it still nevertheless holds more than 319 million users who you are yet to encounter and connect with. Thus, making Tumblr the best and a fresh place to share your content as well, so that you can innovatively get new audiences and share your content with people. 


We realise that Tumblr might not hold a large audience that is active all the time but it will definitely help you form a loyal, strong and impactful audience turned into a community for yourself or your brand. 

We know that Tumblr has a lot of competition for itself already which may not end up convincing you but here are a few major benefits of shifting to Tumblr alongside other platforms.


What are the benefits of shifting to Tumblr?


1. It offers one customised category and niches in the beginning itself which will be enriching for your brand as well as for the audience because they will know exactly what to expect. 

2. It provides one with a set up dashboard which allows you to express your moods, categorize things, visually appeal to the audience and attract users. The decorative feed naturally works as a magnet. 

3. Just like twitter, one can even reblog your posts, pictures and videos which automatically helps you get more engagement and an exposure to new audiences. 

4. It helps in uplifting trendy posts, blogs and videos which gives them an edge over other profiles no matter how many followers one has. 

5. You can easily use hashtags, relevant keywords and tags which will organically help you promote your profile. 

6. The customisation of the profile and the dashboard helps get your profile a sense of brand identity as well as a tone which works great for attracting followers. 

7. It will naturally help you build a strong network who can genuinely resonate with your brand, products or identity. 

8. Connections that one builds up there can last a lifetime because of shared common interests. 

9. You can also provide links to your various platforms, websites or products which can directly lead your audience and generate traffic for your other website. 

10. Another major appealing factor is that Tumblr helps one keep a precise track for insights, analytics and metrics which can be analysed to keep a check on performances and competition. 

11. This will also help in enhancing SEO for your websites as the leads can directly be forwarded there. 

12. It will give your brand a strong sense of identity and a tone of itself which the users can easily relate to and get attracted towards. 


Thus, exploring Tumblr and setting up strategies to create an account to make the best out of it should be your next goal as it will inherently help your brand get a new platform which is useful and beneficial. 

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