Working from home offers both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, you may work in your jammies without fear of being judged by your coworkers, and there is no commute. On the negative side, your marketing staff is dispersed across the country. Across the city, people are working from home offices and kitchen tables. Perhaps the entire country.

At the best of times, staying on top of busy social media marketing operations is a tricky careful balance of time and focus. It takes extra coordination and cooperation when working as a remote team to maintain your social media processes snugly. When you throw in a global epidemic like the Covid-19, you’re immediately dealing with crisis management and increased stress.

So how do you deal with it? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Keep Communication as your top priority

Your entire staff must be aware of the social media strategy in order to have an efficient social media workflow. This will aid students in comprehending the objectives and goals of their specific tasks. Keep a well-organized strategy document in a location where it can be accessed from anywhere. This might be your preferred CRM, Google Drive, or workflow tool.

Assign the tasks with transparency

A happy and productive team is one that knows what is expected of them. A team that is unsure of who is responsible for what will get demotivated and perform poor work. Define the tasks and responsibilities of each member of your social media team in detail. Recognize your team’s strengths and assign tasks accordingly. Keep track of who is doing what to avoid cross-pollination, which can lead to team conflict and a faulty social media workflow.

Social Media Calendar

There happens to be a ton of stuff required with so many Social Media platforms to use, such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Among the most time-consuming aspects of an advertising team’s day is this.

Begin by creating a calendar organizer that can be shared with the entire remote team. Determine what material is required, when it is required, and on which platforms. This will assist you in determining when content must be prepared. Try to schedule your work so that you are always two weeks ahead of schedule.


Without a review, no campaign is comprehensive. Our social media material may be fantastic in our opinion, but only analytics can tell us if our audiences agree. With so many stations to watch, this is a duty that is often forgotten or pushed to the side. However, the importance of monitoring your campaign’s performance cannot be overstated. You’ll see patterns to capitalise on in your analytics, as well as times or content kinds that need to be tweaked since they’re not working as well as they could.

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