Reddit represents one of the most engaged communities online. The content originating from Reddit tends to score huge numbers on social media. It can be perfect place for marketers and brands to engage with customers. To correctly market on Reddit, one has to understand what the site is all about. You cannot approach Reddit like the rest of your social presence. The results will leave you disappointed.

We understand how marketing on Reddit can be terrifying. Reddit thrives on on a sense of community. Users don’t take kindly to people trying to sell to them without contributing to the community themselves. Does this mean that Reddit is against businesses? Absolutely not. The key is that businesses need to focus on community relationships and value versus selling. All this information can certainly leave one perplexed. So what is the best way to approach marketing on Reddit then? We shall delve into this right now.

Embrace consumer feedback and suggestions 

It is not hard to find customers indulging into conversations on Reddit. When you come across customer feedback and advices, do not intervene when users talk among themselves. Instead, just listen and observe what they have to say. By keeping tabs on conversations about your products or competitors, you can get a better sense of where you’re winning, where you might be falling short and how you can improve. Take some time to explore industry-specific subreddits to better understand trends and what your customers are thinking.

Uncover best user-generated content

When Redditors talk about your brand and share testimonials it acts as a brilliant form of social proof to give your business some serious credibility. Just do a quick search and you will discover brand advocates and success stories from satisfied customers.

Offer support and recommendations 

One of the best ways to approach marketing on Reddit is to prioritize support over selling to your audience. You can dedicate subreddit communities for asking questions and troubleshooting problems. This serves the purpose of creating a direct line between your brand and customers, all the while being a public forum for people to seek out solutions and product recommendations in the future.

Conduct AMA events to interact with your community 

Ask me anything sessions are a cornerstone of Reddit and are a popular way to engage with one’s audience organically, taking on questions and letting your brand’s personality shine through. You can even use AMAs in conjunction with a promotion or launch. The key to a successful AMA is actually going back-and-forth with people rather than talking about what you’re promoting. Self promotion doesn’t go well on Reddit.


Be human and genuine when you talk with Redditors. Brands should talk to their customers candidly and jargon-free. Authenticity is very important on Reddit so you should have a distinct and approachable brand voice. To win over your audience, brands should respond in a way that is personalized, detailed and has some emotion behind it. Interacting rightly goes a long way.

All the best with your marketing journey on Reddit!

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