Snapchat was launched in 2011, since then it has gained huge popularity among the
younger generation. With 400 million monthly users, it can be a great way to promote
your business through short-term content, filters, geotags, and more.
although Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have more users, Snapchat can still be
an efficient way to advertise your business among the younger generation i.e., only if
they are your audience. Results show that 70% of Snapchat users are below the age
of 34.
Here is a guide to business in Snapchat if you are still confused, if these points bring
value to your brand, then Snapchat might be the right choice for you after all!

Younger audience:

Snapchat is a popular communicating medium among millennials, study shows that
a user spends approximately 30 minutes on Snapchat every day. It has also been
discovered that these users cannot be reached through other social platforms as
most of them were not found on Instagram or Facebook.
So, you must be very sure when you are investing in Snapchat business marketing
because it may not be the right fit for every business.

Be real and entertaining:

Snapchat is all about making real friends and having private conversations, as a
business account you need to be more playful and authentic with your audience.
Through the ads and stories option upload fun behind the scenes of your brand, post
challenges, hire influencers to try out your brand, and upload short videos.
Grab every opportunity to be creative and hearty. Snapchat has launched new
features for businesses like cameos and 3D snaps. So, use them to your advantage!

Snapchat ads:

Snapchat provides a 10-second-long ad option which gives you an opportunity to
create brand awareness, make the ad attractive and informative, 10 seconds might
be short but enough to promote your brand. These ads usually contain a call to
action or links. You can also hire influencers to feature in your ad video.

Snapchat geotags:

Snapchat allows you to design custom geotags for specific locations. For example, if
your brand has several branches then set a geotag for each one. There are lenses
called geofilters that can be used to send snaps from a specific location be it a coffee
shop, shopping mall, or just any rendezvous.
Many brands even use this feature to promote events like seminars, pep talks, and
fests conducted by their company. Design your own geofilter with beautiful colors
and fonts with the help of multiple templates on the app.

Snapchat lenses:

This is the most interesting and interactive feature on Snapchat so you must make
the most out of it. Be creative with Snapchat and make fun lenses with it, hire a
professional to add attractive features and colors that represent your brand. Promote
your Snapchat lens on your stories and other socials.
This will boost your business and create brand awareness, make the filter so fun that
users will be excited to use it, and upload those pictures and videos on their other
social media page.

Snapchat discover:

Results show that users spend most of their time exploring the discover page, it is
like a dashboard containing videos, photos, articles, and graphics. You can send
them to individuals or add them to your favorites.
Snapchat has also launched its own merchandise store where you can buy anything
created by Snapchat. In the future, it might be available to other brands too, which
will be a big opportunity for small businesses to pave their way to success.

Interact with other users:

Send personalized messages to users, view their stories, post call to action stories,
add your viewers to your friend’s list. Provide links to your website and other social
platforms. This will make a social proof for your brand and help you get more
customers. You can also make and receive payments through the Snapcash option.

Track Snapchat metrics:

Use the Snapchat insights tool to view and analyze your content. Check which
content is doing better than the rest and strategize accordingly.
Some important metrics to keep in check are:
• Views
• Reach
• Demographic information
The analytics feature is really interesting and essential but sadly it is only available for accounts with a large following. However, the app has the potential to include it
for every user.

Final thought:
Now that you are well aware of the benefits, tips, and cons of marketing on
Snapchat, it is up to you to decide whether or not Snapchat is the right place for your
business. And if it is, then go get the most out of this app. Let us know your
Snapchat business tips in the comments!

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