The process of creating content takes tremendous efforts and time, which obviously means that no content creator would want their content to lose its relevance in a poof. Every content creator wishes to stay evergreen and relevant for a long run. Now lets address the elephant in the room. What type of content works and remains evergreen? How can you create this type of content? To answer all your questions, we put together this list of timeless content ideas that you can create and stay current, always.

How-to posts

How-to posts never run out of style. They are informative and fun to watch. There’s always a take away and that is what keeps the audience engaged. These type of posts continue to generate traffic and buzz, years after its published.


List posts are one of the top content formats that tend to become evergreen most often and have received high amount of shares as well. Now, why do they perform so well? This is because it contains information in a much more organized and planned manner which makes it pretty easy for the viewers to follow, since its easier to grasp.


Content on Reddit 

This might come as a surprise to many but Reddit holds great engagement for users. Content with high engagement on Reddit have relatively high likelihood of being shared over time as compared to the other platforms. This is due to the fact that Reddit has a fair number of users interested in ageless content. In fact, Reddit may be a helpful “litmus test” for figuring out which topics in your niche are likely to lead to evergreen content.

Technology, Marketing and Health  

In this digital era, people use the internet to learn about things rather than showing up physically. Content about digital marketing, content marketing, health and entertainment tend to be highly evergreen. The reason being its pertinence in the present day world. People will prefer to look into the internet about something first before being physically present at a place to know about it. This is what you should be utilizing.

The most important thing to remember while creating content is putting up the right information. Its your duty to use the Internet responsibly and if you fail to deliver accurate data the audience will not come to you. We hope you found the guide useful and didactic. Thank you so much for reading.

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