Looking for ways to make your photos stand out in 2023?

This might help – the Venngage team has a new look at the top visual trends in infographics and how you can present your data in the new year. Trend Notes offers several important design updates that you may have noticed recently, including a festive folder format for Spotify’s Year in Review list.

1. Bright Colour Palettes: Lime Greens, Vivid Purple, and Brilliant Blue are the current trends. In 2023, expect these and other cheerful, highly saturated hues to grace the visuals. These vibrant tones add a peppy pop to any visual layout.

2. Animated Visuals: Motion pictures have greatly influenced the world of design lately, and visuals are certainly no exception. Rather than static storytelling, interactive visuals communicate information in dynamic, highly-engaging and interesting ways.

3. Vintage Vibes: Nostalgic visuals have been intended to withe n hearts of many users. In 2023, Olaestheticscs will continue to reach heights. Re-imaging the past through creative presentations of information.

4. Personalized Data: Ithe the digital age we live, there is no surprise that we have an endless amount of data collected. Leading Brands, Viral Apps and Reddit users have taken to visualize personal information in ultra-shareable ways. It is because people prefer learning to know more about themselves.

5. Gradients: In 202, users can expect to see gradient apparently as it offers an easy way to impart a sleek futuristic look to any visual. Fonts and charts, section headers, shapes, and this gradual blending of colours make this continues to be in trend.

6. Creative LinesIt’s an artistic choice. A means of organizing information and data. Irrespective of the content, visuals tend to add on as a popular choice. Timelines, diagrams, options and applications stay endless.

7. Visuals as an Art: Art Illustration and visuals suit our current work-life purpose, not everyone has the time to read long articles or blogs. Here is when visuals can be seen as a form fo the r innovative and creativfeaturesre. Users say that even the basics of all diagrams and charts will never go out of trend.

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