The world is making progress over time. There are multiple novelties the world used to go through on a daily basis. With the invention of the internet, life has been changed a lot. Wonderful pictures, informative videos, and crazy short clips have become a supreme source of spreading information, knowledge, news, and humor. 

The GIF, Graphics Interchange Format is just an image file format. It can be created by collecting some images together. It may be completed by making a Slide Share of still images. Most people call it a short clip of a video that does not have any sound. 

These days, a GIF is used by marketers and business owners in the social media marketing of their brands. Previously, it wasn’t easy to make a GIF file, as you would have to hire a designer, but now the online video to GIF converters are at the disposal of everyone, and they can make GIF files on the go. 

Use of GIFs in Social Media Marketing

The use of GIFs in social media marketing has become more prevalent these days. GIFs are super helpful in presenting the real image of a brand. In social media marketing, a GIF file is used to create high appeal among the audience because it just consumes 2 to 5 seconds. The reason for it is that a GIF file has the ability to deliver strong expressions in just a few seconds. The GIF file is easily shareable with everyone. GIFs are taken as a fun technique. That is why the use of GIFs is highly effective in building a straight connection of emotions. The audience sees and feels an entertainment factor in the GIFs. Therefore, the use of GIFs in social media marketing is valuable. You can use a video to GIF converter for this purpose to create strong, visually appealing GIFs for engaging your targeted audience. 

Major Reasons for Using GIFs

There are a lot of major reasons for using GIF files in social media marketing. A GIF is a super-effective way of presenting emotions. Some of the reasons are listed below: 


GIF Helps in Engaging Audience

The use of GIFs in social media marketing by a brand helps in creating an appeal. The GIF engages the targeted audience to get their attention for the services, products, and additional offerings a brand offers. A GIF contains all the essential details of a brand that can put a direct hit on the audience. 

GIF Develops a Brand’s Identity

A GIF file develops a brand’s identity. It gives super support in building the real image of a brand. The marketer can develop a distinctive image in the eyes of the audience. If done correctly, then the marketers can build a strong and loyal customer base. 

GIF Explains Powerfully 

GIF is among the few mediums that have the potential to powerfully explain things to the targeted audience. You can use GIFs to explain your products and services. It lets you build awareness about the products and services you are offering. For that reason, GIFs are a great source in this regard for explaining things to the targeted audience. 

Different Ways to Create GIF

Creating GIFs is now truly easy with the use of online tools. An online image or video to GIF converter is absolutely beneficial and can create GIFs immediately when a user just uploads a few images into the tool.

Video to GIF Converter – DupliChecker

DupliChecker is an online platform that provides a GIF creating tool to users. This online video to GIF converter helps to make video into a GIF by adding unique captions, filters, and stickers. With the use of this tool, any user may get the desired GIF files by just uploading images or by the use of an image or video.


Adobe Photoshop is one of the superb and most used tools in creating GIFs. This tool helps every user in creating GIFs instantly as per their requirements. A user may get the GIF file after uploading a couple of images to the tool. In fact, this tool provides a few editing features as well. For instance, a user may type any text on GIF, can change the text colours, and can apply stylish fonts as well. 

Make a GIF

Make a GIF is one of the tremendous GIF makers that permit you to choose from more than one template possibility to make an appealing GIF. A GIF can be created by clicked images, videos, or random screenshots. These days, the demand for getting help from a graphic designer is actually expensive; that is why this tool provides you with the required result in just no time and with minimum charge. 

Final Words!

In the last analysis, GIFs are certainly a great source for getting your audience engaged with your brand. You can use this medium to enhance your engagement on social media. People love to interact with visual content, and GIFs are a highly engaging part of it. If you have video content and want to convert video into GIF, then a video to GIF converter is certainly there to assist you in this regard. 

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