Looking for some inspiring content ideas for social media to help liven up your brand channels? We know first-hand how difficult it can be to create social-first content that checks all the boxes. Plus, with the addition of newer social networks rising in the ranks, creative teams also need to consider how one theme can be translated across different mediums.

Humor has become a huge part of social media today, and a route that more brands are willing to incorporate into their social content mix. Perhaps the rise of platforms like TikTok that thrive off of more humorous content can be thanked for this trend.

Below we outline several different ways you can keep your social media content fresh, fun, and engaging.


Fake Them Out

When creating content for the news feed, it’s all about thumb-stopping content. Take advantage of the trends below that “fake out” audiences in a manner that not only catches their eye but serves as memorable content.


Test New Channels

We’ve been saying this a lot lately, but the Facebook outage has really emphasized how brands should be diversifying their channel strategies moving forward. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your brand needs to have an owned presence on every social media platform, but can apply to a paid media strategy that helps you reach a newer, fresher audience on a different network.


Capitalize on Memes



Social media memes have always been fun and have evolved greatly over time. To be successful with memes, it’s more than just changing a word in an image to your brand name, you have to be a bit more creative than that. Think about how you can customize a meme trend to coincide with your brand messaging.


Make Your Stories “Interactive”



While the social media feed is a place where audiences more passively consume content, Stories are an excellent place to engage audiences in a more “interactive” way. Have fun with your content and look for opportunities with your content where it appears that the audience is taking an action just by viewing the next frame. It not only gets audiences wanting to tab back and forth (boosting your engagements and reach) but creates a more memorable experience that audiences will associate with your brand.


As you move forward optimizing your social content strategy (which you should be doing on a regular basis, not just during annual planning), keep these content ideas for social media top of mind as a source of inspiration. We also welcome you to contact our team if you’re looking to partner with an agency that can create social media content for your brand.




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