YouTube watch time is an essential metric for content creators and businesses using the platform for marketing purposes. Watch time refers to the total amount of time people spend watching a particular video, channel, or playlist on YouTube. The platform considers this metric as a significant factor when determining video and channel rankings in search results, recommendations, and monetization opportunities. A higher watch time indicates that viewers are engaged with the content, leading to increased visibility, more significant organic growth, and higher revenue potential. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize creating high-quality, engaging content that keeps viewers watching for longer durations.

Ytviews has emerged as a leader in enhancing quality watch time for its clients and users

Organic views on YouTube are crucial for content creators and businesses to establish a genuine audience and build a sustainable presence on the platform. Organic views come from viewers who have discovered the video or channel through search results, recommendations, or shares. They are an indication of genuine interest in the content and can lead to higher engagement, better search rankings, and more significant monetization opportunities.

Here’s where Ytviews comes into the picture. Ytviews is a multinational social media marketing agency that helps you grow on social media organically and delivers the engagement to your content that it deserves. Talking about YouTube watch time specifically, it was the very first platform that Ytviews mastered and hence, the name. Ytviews has proved to be dependable and authentic with quality and timely services over the years. Since its establishment, Ytviews has earned the support and trust of thousands of its clients by providing various services on multiple social media networks.

Ytviews provides  100% real and organic watch-time to your YouTube videos. They don’t play with the metrics, rather, once they receive an order from your end, their team runs organic campaigns and shares your content with your target audience over the country as well as over the world. This benefits you in 2 ways: firstly you get the watch time on your video and you near your monetisation target and secondly, you get engagement and viewership from your target audience which in turn means that they are now hooked to your content.

Ytviews provides its users with a very affordable price and a wide range of various campaigns. Users get to choose the number of engagements they wish to order with utmost precision. Placing a campaign is a 3 Step simple process and you will be redirected as soon as you log in to

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