“Patience is the key to good things.”

The road monetization of YouTube side of content creation is a mix of commitment and perseverance. At Ytviews, Asia’s number one social media agency, we realize how crucial YouTube watch hours are and how it takes 4,000 watch hours, the major milestone to unlock the doors to ad monetization. We provide highly-targeted services meant as an organic way to grow your watch hours, so we can be proud of your future journey consisting of long-term and many successes.

How do Watch Hours contribute to YouTube monetization?

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YouTube watch hours serve as important indicators that reflect on the engagement and audience of a YouTube channel making it possible to identify what content a viewer is interested in. Before qualifying for the YouTube Partner Program and earning money from monetization, creators need to obtain 4000 watch hours within 12 months, while adding at least 1k subscribers. The threshold set hereby ensures that only high-quality channels, packed with good content, become eligible for the monetization opportunities that come with it.

Ytviews’ Organic Approach: A Step-by-Step Process

At Ytviews, we walk the walk and do organic growth so that your number of watch hours is grown by real people’s eyes. We have a detailed practice which ensures you get real results along the process and comply with YouTube’s rules.

Step 1: Watch Hours Servicing (24 Hours) We begin by processing your order within 24 hours from the moment you submit it, so our team can quickly get started on serving your videos with organic watch hours.

Step 2: Sending the desired traffic to your channel. Using our worldwide network and latest technologies, Ytviews chooses audience interest categories and your submitted video is watched by verified real users. This traffic is the real people who are watching and agreeing with your content, making sure that the watch hour minutes are real by raising the chances for your channel monetisation.

Step 3: Audit Performing System (YouTube) (15-20 Days) Now is the time to wait. This is because YouTube will now verify the traffic that comes to your channel, before actually reflecting the numbers on your channel. This auditing process takes around 15 to 20 days during which time the domain of the system will be maintained and the validity of the watch hours is ensured.

Step 4:Watch hours being updated Ytview’s organic views are subject to a 10-20 day reflection period. Afterwards, the watch hours sent by us, to your videos which have taken a lot of effort to be made, will be reflected in your channel analytics. The period may at times even be 10 days, but sometimes it takes up to 20 days at the maximum. However, at the time of the conclusion of this process, not a single minute of viewers’ attention is overlooked and accounted for.

Ytviews’ Commitment to Transparency and Quality

At Ytviews, we are committed to doing the right thing by delivering honest and efficient service. We are passionate about helping you to achieve the results you desire through our team of pros who are compassionate as well as skilled in the area of rapid watch-hours boosting. We know well that every creator’s way to success is a unique path and we offer products/services according to their individual needs and goals.

In the future, digital dynamics will keep changing and investing in getting it right versus shortcuts involving artificial growth will be a crucial decision. Through partnering with Ytviews, content creators can explore the complicated YouTube watch hour strategies in a confident manner so they may get the right way towards monetizing success, which will determine one hundred per cent of the organic and real growth of your YouTube channel.

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