Is Twitter the finest platform for online advertising? Sometimes!

It’s true that Twitter has flaws, but in certain situations and places, it’s the best ad platform you’ll find – yet ultimately, it depends on your goals. However, Twitter has certain unique ad targeting tools that aren’t available anyplace else. In a sea of lacklustre ad features, these are the unicorns.

Here are some reasons which might convince you about the perks of Twitter ads:

Value for money

When you pay to advertise tweets on Twitter, you only spend when your marketing goal is met. You only pay when people take that step (any further organic impressions and engagements are free bonuses!) Perhaps your aim is website sales or Twitter engagement. Everything with Twitter is the same. You only pay for the number of successful app instals if you launch an app installation ad.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is a fascinating and accurate technique to go after specific users on Twitter who have shown desire. In the last seven days, you can target persons who have used a particular word or hashtag in their Twitter post (or engaged with tweets containing those words).

Target Audience

Did you know that you may use Twitter adverts to target every Twitter user who follows a specific account? It’s simple to acquire a list of every follower for every Twitter account using a platform like BirdSong Analytics and construct your own customised audience to target with Twitter ads.

Custom audiences on Facebook are fantastic in their own right. However, Twitter comes out on top because Facebook custom audiences require the email address or phone number of the people you wish to contact. This is a significant stumbling point.

Very low cost-per-click

You can obtain clicks for pennies on Twitter. Seriously. The bidding determines the cost of a click. It all boils down to how much people are interested in spending. Because of the lack of commercial competition, marketers will find life on Twitter to be relatively cheap.

Twitter’s greatest weakness is simultaneously its greatest strength for advertisers! As shown in the four examples above, Twitter may be a powerful tool for advertisers.

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