A security function called two-factor authentication (2FA) aids in preventing criminals from accessing your Twitter account. Users must input a password and a security number or key to access their accounts. The text message/SMS way of 2FA will no longer be available to users unless they are Twitter Blue subscribers, according to a recent announcement from Twitter. The new regulation will go into force on March 20.

For the annual plan, Twitter Blue costs $6,800 (or $566.87 per month), and for the monthly plan, it costs 650 (or $7,800). It gives anyone who is ready to pay for one a blue stamp on their account. Users of Twitter Blue can modify messages, submit 1080p videos, and publish lengthier videos, among other features.

Here’s how you can still secure your account

Twitter restricts 2FA to paid subscribers: here are free alternatives - Smartprix

It’s relatively simple to move from text/SMS 2FA if you don’t want to pay for Twitter Blue or are concerned about losing your account. This article will walk you through the process of changing from Twitter’s phone-based 2FA to more safe alternatives.

Step 1: Open your Twitter. Start by accessing Twitter via your smartphone or a webpage.

Step 2: Select Account Access and Security. Next, Click on Account Access and Security.

Step 3: Choose Two-Factor Authentication. Click on Security, then choose Two-Factor Authentication.

Step 4: Choose Your Preferred 2FA Method.

You will now get three options to choose from:

Text message – Using this technique, you can register on Twitter by receiving a text message on your phone that contains an authentication number. If you don’t want to spend, you must avoid this.

Security key – To enter Twitter using this technique, you must physically input a security key into your computer or sync one from your mobile device. You need a real verification key like the YubiKey for a security key, but make sure it works with your browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Authentication app – Using this technique, you can obtain a verification number to input each time you log in to Twitter. Select any authenticator program of your choosing, such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator. This approach is advised because it doesn’t require a separate security gadget to protect your account. All you need is authenticator software on your smartphone.

You can link your Twitter account to your authenticator app once you capture the QR code for your account. You must protect Twitter by adding the security key. You will receive a private security key from Twitter, which you must keep safe in case of emergency, such as when you misplace the login app. Twitter will advise you to store this one-time duplicate code in a secure location. You’ll also receive a confirmation email. You must protect your Twitter account from predators. A security element that aids in this is two-factor authentication, but it’s essential to use a reputable and safe 2FA technique. This guidance will make it simple for you to change from Twitter’s phone-based 2FA to more private alternatives.



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