Many creators start secondary channels to help grow their audiences. Generally, the videos on someone’s channel supplement the content on their main channels. A creator may put less focus on their second channel, but it can still be an important stream of revenue.

Here are a few tips for making your second channel successful.

Create your second channel in a completely different niche than your main channel.

Generally, it’s easier to grow a dedicated audience with a niche channel than one within a wider genre. The more specifically targeted your audience is, the more deeply involved you can become in that community. That niche audience becomes loyal because they can’t find a lot of content like yours.

Stick to an upload schedule that complements your main channels.

Even though second channel content is generally more relaxed, viewers still expect an upload schedule. You should choose days that complement your main channel’s upload schedule rather than ones that coordinate with it. For example, instead of uploading to both channels on Friday, you might upload to your main channel on Friday and your second channel on Monday.

Promote your second channel in main channel videos.

The purpose of your second channel should be to grow your overall audience, not to create a secondary audience. The majority of your subscribers on both channels will likely be the same people. Therefore, you should use your main channel to promote your new channel.

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For example, you might also link your latest second channel video in an info card or the end screen. You can share it in a community post as well. 

A second channel offers you a creative outlet as well as another source of income. Follow the above tips to get your second channel off the ground and grow your audience even more.

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